About us


Penny Farthing Design House is a gallery that houses a designer collection of limited edition prints, an exhibition space for solo shows and a homewares range designed exclusively for us and sourced directly from the global village. we also have an exclusive collection of Max Dupain prints.

Penny Farthing collaborates with a unique community of artists to produce a curated collection of accessible and desirable art. 

The name ‘Penny Farthing’ is inspired by Noel Smith, my grandfather, who was a passionate entrepreneur. He had a larger-than-life personality and a passion for living. It was in the last few days of his life that he had a strong vision for an artwork of a Penny Farthing. Naturally, when my sister Alice and I decided to start an online art gallery, the name was a given. It is a constant memory of a man who lived large. 

The Penny Farthing Team x

Penny Farthing Design House Staff