Madeleine Luschwitz

Madeleine Luschwitz is a graduate from The National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney. She is a Northern Beaches based Artist and draws her inspiration from animals, people and the nature that surrounds her. Her art is an exploration of life’s little details and the way she sees the world.


Max may be small, but he is larger than life, and is endlessly searching and exploring. His curiosity and determination allow him to follow his nose down whatever path he feels is right. He is accompanied on his journey by his ever faithful shadow friend. Never alone, Max is free to roam down whichever path he chooses.

Sketched in in graphite, Max’s quirks are offset by his shadow, which has been painted in black ink. This contrast puts emphasis on the shadow, rather than Max. To Luschwitz, this explores the mystery and quizzical nature of the shadows that follow all of us throughout life, keeping us company on our own journey. Inspired by her own beautiful dog, ‘Max and his ever faithful shadow’ is ready to bring play and adventure to any space.


This series of three tribal women was created in an effort to symbolize strength and femininity and how the two combine. Each unique in its own way, they celebrate the embellishments that can distinguish one tribe from another. Adorned in feather, bones and ornate jewellery, their individual beauty is accompanied by their strong essence of power. Luschwitz was particularly inspired by the spiritual womanly power they emit as they live a life so connected to mother earth and the nature that surrounds their existence. Each is named accordingly. ‘Jabali’ meaning strong as a rock, ‘Ilola’ meaning to become strong, and ‘Akata’ meaning strong headed.