Kristen Lethem

Predominately influenced by the landscape of the Upper Hunter, where she regularly explores the surrounds of her family home, Kristen Lethem is a Balmain artist and our newest Penny Farthing edition. Lethem works mainly with ink and acrylic on board and is primarily interested in patterns within the landscape, formed as a result of the interplay between topography, vegetation and by extension shadow and light. The series of works created for Penny Farthing looks at shapes and patterns within the landscape and also within the flora that occupy the landscape. The works are predominantly monochromatic to help emphasise the idea of pattern and shape.

With ‘Escarpment’ and ‘Scribbletrees’, she is attempting to show both the rock shapes and structure within the escarpment and the rhythm and flow of shapes that constitute the pattern of trees on the hill side.

The works ‘Blue Gum’ and ‘Botanical’ emphasise the shapes and patterns that exist when back lit by a bright sky. Lethem used a pared-down process of acrylic ink on raw gesso to emphasise simplicity and contrast hence the images appear as silhouettes.

‘Pines’ and ‘Eucalypt’ evolved through a process of layering and sanding back, then over working the image with washes of watercolour, creating mood while still showing pattern created by the interplay of light.

Kristen Lethem has a Bachelor of Art in Visual Communication and Design from Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney) and a Master of Art, majoring in painting, from UNSW Art and Design (COFA). The works at Penny Farthing are part of an on going series of works under the banner of KL Design. Each is produced as a limited edition and all are individually numbered and signed.