Jordan Conaghan

Jordan Conaghan has recently graduated from National Art School and his work explores many mediums including acrylic, screen-printing, watercolour and drawing. Conaghan is inspired by the natural world, with its beautifully diverse and complex patterns.

His works of vinyl cut shapes are influenced by the relationship between the man made and the natural. He understands this relationship and recognises the slight dominance of man over nature in today’s world. The works take up to 200 designs layered on top of one another and convey the tension between the two worlds.

The intricate works can be enjoyed as a whole image, but can also draw the viewer in to explore its complex layered arrangement of geometric lines and angular forms. His technical practice creates a certain chaos coming together as a unified, ordered image.

For Penny Farthing Design House, Conaghan’s works include 2 different collections using very different mediums. The first series features a very unique process of hand cutting acrylic shapes and creating a layered collision, forming the highly original pieces; ‘Sharp Focus’, ‘Found Form’, ‘Restricted Illusion’, and ‘Nature Colliding’.

The second series explores birds in full flight with the use of watercolour. They include; ‘Sea Bird’, ‘Finch’, ‘Macaw’ and ‘Dove’.