John Mangila

John Mangila is an artist and stylist based in Sydney. Having worked for multiple magazines, including Home Beautiful, he blends his passion for floristry, photography and styling in his first collection for Penny Farthing Design House. 

Remembrance is his way of expressing how flowers can hold emotions and memories.  For Mangila, dried flowers evoke a sense of grace and fragility that is self evident in these works. The intricacies within the flowers combined with perfect lighting are what make these works so subtle and beautiful. 

For What I Wanted to Say Mangila explores his love of travel and desire to discover new places and cultures. He takes us on a journey through the back streets of Venice and plays with the idea that colour has the ability to express emotions when we are not able to.  

Penny Farthing is overjoyed to welcome Mangila as an artist. The collaboration is a true example of poetic self-expression and the importance of seeking out the beauty in the world.