Heather Brodie

What begins as a stockpile of ideas and inspiration on Brodie’s studio desk, soon become works of art that reflect her ideas, feelings, thoughts, explorations and journey. For Brodie, creating something is like putting a little piece of yourself into the community. It is a highly personal and honest process that is reflective of the world around her.

As an artist and a teacher, Brodie is endlessly exploring and experimenting with new techniques and mediums, which would explain why she doesn’t confine her works to one particular medium. Instead, she boasts a series of eclectic pieces.

Art for her is about the steady rhythm of tapping into the unbounded creative force within, delivering works that evoke positivity, happiness and contentment.

There is a certain element of meditation to her artists practice. Creating patterns allows her to relax and focus her attention on the moment and fight her instinct to control. While some works feature more detailed imagery, others are highly abstract. Regardless of the differences in her works, her philosophy remains the same: “to bring delight to others”. She loves that when her works appeal to someone else, she automatically creates a connection with that person. Her hope is that her pieces bring the same amount of love into your home, as she put into the process.