Gabrijela Polic

With a strong emphasis on colour, intricacies and pattern, Sydney artist Gabrijela Polic would describe her style as both organic and abstract. The inspiration for which is not confined to one particular medium. While she is heavily influenced by the repetitious patterns in nature or man made objects, she also looks to friends, family, magazines, and philosophy to spark her creativity.

Her first collection for Penny Farthing Design House alludes to the nature of the human bond and the phenomena of love. The works feature subtle brush strokes, beautiful forms and soft textures. In such works as ‘Silent Joy’ and ‘So Joyous’ she focused on making visible the intangible nature of love and attachment and their corresponding emotions.

Polic’s second collection was more thoroughly planned and came about after a series of preparatory sketches and rigorous colour studies. With these there is a stronger emphasis on composition and distinct forms of colour. They arise from a variety of paint application techniques, making them a lot more solid and distinct compared to the former.

There is a certain symbiosis within nature, where organisms and life forms from different species help each other survive. This concept fascinates Polic and influences her works. She finds it important to focus on this rather then the devastation and destruction that can sometimes exist within the natural world. For her, life is about seeing the positives in every situation and her work is a manifestation of this. 

Photo by Jacqui Turk