Flavia Julius

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Julius’ style evolved from impressionism to what it is today after being inspired by Aboriginal Art. There is a strong connection between her roots and her current home in Australia, which is evident in her works. Her use of dots is reminiscent of traditional aboriginal art; while the colour and subjects both have a direct Brazilian influence.

Julius met her Australian husband in the Amazon and the pair now raise their three children here in Sydney. There is a certain longing in her works for her home in Brazil which she describes as “everything all at once: beautiful, ugly, dangerous, and exciting.” However she finds comfort through creating these pieces.

While she has always has a plan at the beginning of a painting, Julius finds that it evolves to whatever feels natural for her. She loves putting the colour’s together to create something completely original. Her works are based around things that make her happy, and she hopes they can make others feel the same. It is this connection that she creates with the buyer that Julius is most grateful for. She shows this by donating part of what she earns to charity.

For Penny Farthing Design House, the works ‘Sao Paulo’, ‘Rio de Janeiro’, and ‘Amazon’ have been commissioned based on a series of highly successful works.  They tell a vibrant story, and are ready for Samba dancing in a room anywhere.

Original Artworks can be purchased directly from the artist. Contact Penny Farthing for details.