Erica Smith

Graphic designer and illustration artist Erica Smith has worked with a variety of mediums when creating her collections for Penny Farthing Design House. From acrylic paints, charcoal, pencils and ink, Smith has produced works that breathe life into any room. They range from thorough and precise pieces, to the more emotive and abstract. Her animal artworks have large personalities and her typography pieces make bold statements in any space.

When creating her works, Smith will generally hand paint or draw the subject before scanning them at a very high resolution in order to keep the detail. Often, she will then digitally alter the artworks, creating layers and textures to add depth. When the works are printed, another layer is often added by hand painting over the print.

As a creative thinker and graphic designer by trade, Smith finds inspiration in exceptional design of any sort. The psychology of colour is taken into account when producing new works, and she is drawn particularly to monochromatic palates with small pieces of colour and clever layouts.

She loves the notion of surrounding herself with beautiful things, and aims to bring a sparkle to someone’s day with her personality, and to any space with her art.