Elizabeth Ryder

Born in Manchester, England, Elizabeth Ryder always dreamt of being a wildlife photographer as a child. She now lives and works in Sydney, and has seen this dream come to life. Her creative ethos is capturing images that lend a different perspective to everyday reality. Elizabeth performs little or no post-production on her images; she believes in capturing the moment and being true to the initial creative impulse. Being inspired by environment, Ryder’s wildlife pieces bring a sense of the exotic and beautiful within nature.

Sydney is a city surrounded by water. The focal point of the city is the harbour, with its ships, wharves, and activity. Ryder is focused on capturing everyday objects and people using water as a reflective medium to distort and transmute given perceptions. Water represents tranquility, calmness and impermanence. Her objective is to challenge the viewer to interpret the image as more than a reflection of the actual.