Kristen Lethem's work is sold as a limited edition through Penny Farthing. The series that we have collaborated on is an exploration of patterns within the environment, formed as a result of the interplay between topography, vegetation and by extension shadow and light.

Each landscape has a pattern unique to itself, this pattern resembles a topographical script. Kristen uses a restricted palette to help articulate this concept to the viewer, allowing them to focus on the idea of pattern forming a script and then developing into the language of landscape. This body of work uses process and colour to explore man's impact on the environment and subsequent disruption of this topographical script.

The artwork is printed on artist grade paper then framed with a white mount board and a white timber box set frame. 

Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist (30 prints).

Dimensions: w 105 x h 83cm x d 4cm

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