Chloe Jasmine Harris

Harris credits nature as her biggest inspiration in all of her works. Whether it is the trees in Hyde Park that she passed on her way home from University, the beach at the end of her street, or the botanic gardens that she often visits in the city. Her aim was to create a body of work that greatly summarized and visually portrayed the beauty in nature. Nature photographers, who capture the intense beauty and feeling of isolation and grandeur in their works, are her biggest inspirations.

Working in the medium of etching, Harris’ artistic process consists of cutting zinc metal plates into the desired shape she wants. The plate is then covered in a thin, wax like surface, which her final image is drawn into using a scribe. The plate is then placed into an acid bath, which only eats away at the parts of the metal exposed. This process is repeated four or five times in order to maintain the dense and final detail of the works. Following this, the plate is inked and run through a press where the detail is transferred to paper.

While completing the works, Harris found that they brought out her longing to escape the mundane and comfortable familiarity of home, to step out into the unknown. She believes there is strong spiritual cleansing that comes from removing oneself from the fast-paced nature of society, to a place so void of distractions that it forces you to reconnect with yourself. For her, the beauty in nature can be filled with both confronting solitude and isolation, or bring immense peace and self-clarification. This powerful, meditative presence is reminiscent in each of her works.

For Penny Farthing Design House, Harris’ first collection includes the works ‘Still’, ‘Passage’, and ‘Winter’. Her second collection includes 'Dispatch', 'Repose', and 'Transient'.