Botanical Series

Beverley Clarke is a kind soul that we have had the great pleasure to meet. Beverley is a generous resident of the Balmain East community who cared for a neighbor (who had a passion for hoarding) allowing him to continue to live in his partly derelict home until he passed away. It is this relationship where a rare collection of works by Robert David Fitzgerald ended up with their new owner.

The story starts with Robert David Fitzgerald who was a natural history artist who came to Sydney in 1856. He became the Deputy Surveyor General in 1873 and was a competent botanical illustrator.  The collection was dedicated to the memory of Charles Darwin who he was a warm admirer of and in whose system he was a firm believer.

Arthur J Stoppe was then commissioned to continue after the death of R D Fitzgerald on the largely unfinished body of works.  The colours and the tonal pallets used are true to form and represent a dedication and perfection to the family of Orchids. The works are created from a stone plate and then hand painted.

The collection, curated by Penny Farthing Design House, is printed in collaboration with Beverley Clarke from these original prints. (All commission proceeds go to the Guide Dog Association). 

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