Adelaide Mourd

Adelaide Mourd is a young artist from Sydney. She describes her style as infinitely unrefined, raw and edgy. While she sometimes shoots in colour, she is more drawn to black and white images and has a keen interest in film photography. The photographs evoke a sense of freedom or of breaking free.

Her philosophy for both her photographs and the way she approaches life is to stop trying to control the environment around you, and instead respect it and work with it. With this in mind, the most important aspect of her practice is to photograph the authentic moment, rather than create it. An environment and a person inspire a shoot, and from there it’s about allowing the two to interact and becoming an observer. She finds that when trying to force an image it never translates as well, and so the best moments are the unplanned ones. In photography, like in life, there are too many external elements you can never have control over, so why try?