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Story behind the Ferris Wheel 

The Ferris Wheel was first constructed as a landmark for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition  in Chicago. It was intended to rival the Eiffel Tower. Today, they are littered throughout cities around the world. For a small piece of industrial history shop the Ferris Wheel in three sizes here: 

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The Real Art Tour of NY

Looking for some inspiration in the Big Apple?

Of course you have done the Met, Frik, Moma, Whitney and Guggenheim. But once you have cruised through the mainstream art scene of New York there is a world of notorious galleries waiting for you just a short stroll from the Flatiron. Don some walking shoes and you will be ready to explore the next layer of inspiration.

There are some 1500 galleries in New York. You’ll find yourself running into them on almost every street corner. This is just a small snapshot of what lay outside our hotel. We stayed at The Bowery Hotel in the East Village, an icon in and of itself. If you can stay there, it’s a must. Blecker is your closest subway station, and the surrounding streets are littered with cafes and pop-ups. With Soho just on our doorstep, we set out with no particular destination in mind.

Starting on Bowery was the New Museum ( a 7-floor destination of super cool and innovative pieces – building included. Head across the road and you will stumble upon the Magnum Manifesto at the International Center for Photography ( - a seriously amazing collection of works! On Bowery you will also find Westwood gallery, Soho contemporary Gallery, Cr Gallery, Arsenal Contemporary, Pop International, all within a couple of blocks of the hotel.

Head back to Houston and turn left until you get to Broadway (approx 5 blocks), and you will reach Soho. I loved this section and felt a little overwhelmed by the level of coolness. There was such a bold, confident sassiness to these works and as an Australian I haven't seen a body of work that left me silenced, in awe and left inspired beyond my wildest art dreams…. I saw early Warhol’s, Dahli’s, Keith Haring and of course a vast collections of current and up and coming artists.

From here the Soho gallery hop goes like this…

Lumas , Rotella Gallery   Georges Berger Gallery ,  DTR Modern Galleries Jo Jo Gallery  the Martin- Lawrence Gallery Franklin Bowles , Crown Fine Art, LIK Gallery , Jamali Gallery , DIA Arts Centre , Eden Fine Arts and the AFA Gallery should round out your trip. 

Don’t forget to take a break in some of your favourite fashion stores along the way (Zadig and Voltaire or Isabel Marant were my personal favourites). Then head straight back to The Bowery for champagne or a bourbon.

New York will always be a special place for lovers of the arts and artists themselves who just find inspiration on the lively streets. So take a wander next time you are there. You just never know what you will find.

What a place x

Sarah Neilsen