The Artful Mum Exhibition and Book Launch

5th to 19th May at Penny Farthing Design House, East Balmain

‘The Artful Mum’ is a book about creativity and parenthood designed, curated and compiled by artist and mother, Rachel Moodie.

It shares the indelible wisdom of six Australian artists who also happen to be mums and delves into how they juggle motherhood with their varying creative vocations.
Featuring the work of Fiona Barrett-Clark, Ellie Beck, Emily Besser, Kirsten Duncombe, Bianca Harrington and Emma Simmons, ‘The Artful Mum’ is a Q&A style creative memoir with 54 pages of inspirational words and images.

The book launch will coincide with a group exhibition of the featured artists to be held at Penny Farthing Design House, 51 Darling St, East Balmain, Sydney on May 5th 2018 from 4pm.

The exhibition and book launch will be opened by esteemed artist and author of ‘There is a Paintbrush in my Coffee’ ~ Jasmine Mansbridge.


‘The Artful Mum’ ~ Art & quotes from the book

 Rachel Moodie

‘The desire to create a tangible item as a reminder to myself and to other mothers grappling with the same questions, evolved into this book. I wanted it to be compact and concise. Easy to pick up and read between making playdough and vegemite sandwiches.

This book is designed to be a friendly companion for creative women. Wise words from six wonderfully arty and imaginative mums who have been there and done that, keeping us company as we strive to be both artist and mother.’ 

Fiona Barrett-Clark

‘There is (actually) always time. Some people can create when their kids are young,
for others it’s not going to happen until they are much older. Don’t beat yourself up about not creating.’

Ellie Beck

‘Create a list of five things at most, from your massive list and focus on those for a year. The rest is still there, for another time, but not in your head or heart pounding at you.’

Emily Besser

‘Every day becomes like playing tetris — arranging all these little blocks of time, activities and chores, to fit into a day... My need to do creative work just had to
fit in there, right next to their need to play and cuddle.’

Kirsten Duncombe

‘My role as a mother takes precedence in lots of ways. My kids are growing up so fast and there are some things that I simply cannot do at the moment if I am to be as present and hands-on as I want to be.’

Bianca Harrington

‘Just work! Work smaller, work tired, work quickly, work messy, work simply, work
in pyjamas. There may sometimes be dry spells and that’s okay — meet up with friends instead.’

Emma Simmons

‘Set realistic goals for yourself and break up your tasks into bite-sized pieces. Accept help when it is offered and treat yourself to some sunshine.’